Monday, 17 July 2017

A Day (or 2) of rest?

Been home for 3 whole days!!! Unbelievable.
Spent a lot of it catching up with paperwork and the boring stuff such as washing/ironing etc etc
Found literally half an hour to have a cuppa in the craftie space and rummaged about in a 'Bag Of Bits' on the desk.
Once I'd wiped the dust off that is.......
There were some odd bits of linen card in rough squares (Lord knows why I saved them - but hey - I've used them!)

This is a variation on a card I made some time back - that one was blue.
Went for girly pink this time!
Spun Sugar, Victorian Velvet and tattered Rose to be exact!.
Just inked distressed and layered the squares, wrapping a scrap of dyed binding round the bottom one.

Couple of die cuts from the 'Cut Out and Don't Know What to Do With' box tucked in behind the ribbon, 3 pink pearls and there you are!

It's not very inspiring.
Nor is it very complex.
At the moment no time to do inspiring or complex. No time really to have been sat in the craftie space with ink pads either!
But it IS a make. Which is better than nothing.

Not a lot of time to link up to any challenges but AM going to find half an hour for a trip to the Playground to see my buddies who I am missing madly!

I am seriously missing blogland. Just going to pop round to as many of you as I can and have a lookie at what you've been up to....
So too many pics of all the places I have been to over the last 10 weeks to show here  but am sharing a couple of pics of what I've been up to with our Internationals....... who are of course THE BEST!!


Am off again with the Internationals this week - this time it's the turn of the Under 25 women. Hoping for more of the same success that the Seniors have had!
Until I'm back have a great time whatever you're doing. xx


  1. It may have been a quick make Viv, but it is a beautiful card.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Really pretty card Viv, the squares are a great idea and love the die cut flowers.
    Great photo's and you look great in your 'uniform' Good luck to the youngsters.

    Kath x

  3. Thanks for dropping by Viv as I know you have very little time at the moment. I think this is a great design and love the pink theme and I adore how the pink ribbon has a slight gold sheen, very pretty, and the die cut flowers work really well over the top. Hope the Under 25 Womens' Internationals do well. x

  4. Well, I beg to differ, Viv! I find your pretty pink card VERY inspiring! Well done for using up those leftover bits and snippets to create this sweetly stacked and beribboned linen card!! We miss you, too, but know that you are having a fantastic time, so carry on and congratulations to the men! Cheers to the ladies for success! Hugs, Darnell

  5. Awesome photos Viv, everyone is looking pretty happy with themselves, including you...
    Love your card and pretty pink.
    Take care on your next journey see you upon your return .xx

  6. What a beautiful, delicate and very pretty card Viv! Of course I adore pink and this design is a stunner! Great photos as well - if you've got weather like we have down here it must be all the better.


    Di xx

  7. The photos look amazing Viv, you must all be so proud!! I am loving your very delicate pink creation, so pretty.

  8. What a beautifully delicate card, I actually think its very inspiring and the colour is just delightful on the eye x

  9. Well you sure made the best of your 1/2 hour of crafting Viv. This card is BEAUTIFUL!! I absolutely LOVE that layout and will be CASEing. :) Thanks for the inspiration. Have a good trip. xx

  10. Hey VIV! Good to see you. I beg to differ but I think this card is very inspiring. I LOVE IT. Glad you found a chance to play.

    Hugs, Darn Sarn xxx

  11. Love this card Viv what a great idea for using those squares of card, mine usually end up in the bin! I'm enjoying the photos of your tour you're like royalty! Hope the women do well ;)
    Val x

  12. A great "quick" card, love the shades of pink. Glad to know it's not just me that has an abandoned die cuts box! Safe journeys

  13. I love this very art and the colours are so subtle and pretty. Great photos - you look like you are enjoying yourself which is the main thing. Crafting will still be here when your tour ends.

  14. This is seriously fabulous. Love how you have just pulled out snippets of this and that put it altogether. Loving the colour too. Hugs Mrs A.

  15. We are our own worst critics sometimes. Your card is beautiful. So pretty and delicate, and I love that texture linen background.
    Great photos. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  16. An interesting design with squares, they do have an impact here, I think the card looks fantastic!

  17. Who makes this die cut? I have looked around the internet but no luck in finding it. I can see why you like it so much. Very nice card. Loved the blue one, too.


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